Range Rover Timeline

Motoring excellence

1966: A concept is (re)born

A larger Land Rover model was discussed as far back as 1951 under the direction of Gordon Bashford, but this was shelved in 1958.

In 1966 Spen King and Bashford started work on the project which would deliver the first Range Rover prototype (number plate SYE 157F), with a different front grille and headlight configuration to the model that would go on sale in 1969.

1969: Production begins

Range Rover production (in 2-door body form) begins, with these early Range Rovers having fairly basic, utilitarian interiors with vinyl seats and plastic dashboards, designed to be cleaned with a hose.

1970: A motoring introduction

The Range Rover launch takes place in Cornwall, with the car priced at £1,998 at the commercial launch.

1971: A work of art

The Range Rover is put on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris and is lauded as an "exemplary work of industrial design".

The British Trans-Americas Darien Gap Range Rover expedition begins (led by Major John Blashford-Snell), featuring two Range Rovers making an 18,000-mile journey across America.

1981: 2 becomes 4

A four-door model Range Rover is released. This features black finish side window frames and pillars to create a "floating roof" effect. Range Rovers are also used in the Camel Trophy event.

1982: Sales success

Range Rover sales pass 100,000. The In Vogue four-door Range Rover special edition is launched.

1987: Hello America!

The Range Rover goes on sale in North America, with the introduction of a new front grille design featuring horizontal vanes.

1990: Even more sales success

Range Rover sales pass 250,000. Project Otter is unveiled, featuring a tuned 2.5-litre, 119 bhp version of the "Beaver" 2.4 engine.

1994: Second generation

The final three-door Range Rover is produced and the second generation Range Rover is announced. The press launch for this takes place in Berkshire.

Prices range from £31,950 for the entry-level 2.5 DT and 4.0 models to £43,950 for the 4.6 HSE version. The first-generation Range Rover is renamed as the Range Rover Classic.

2001: Third generation

The third-generation Range Rover, developed under BMW ownership, is launched at the Design Museum in London.

This model is the result of a £1 billion investment programme and features monocoque construction, as well as BMW-supplied diesel and V8 petrol engines.

2004: Looking forward

A Range Stormer concept car is unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, previewing "a new production model that will be an additional model line in the Land Rover portfolio."

2005: A new model

All Range Rover Sport is unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. With this model, for the first time, the Range Rover name extends to a second model positioned to compete in the SUV performance market. Prices for the Sport range from £34,995 for the 2.7-litre TDV6 S diesel to £58,995 for the 4.2-litre V8 supercharged First Edition.

2010: Evoque

Range Rover reaches sales of 1 million (with the millionth car auctioned by Help for Heroes).

Details are released of the (new) Range Rover Evoque at a 40th birthday celebration of the Range Rover. The Evoque is launched at the Paris Motor Show in September, initially as a three-door coupe. Prices range from £28,950 to £44,320.

A five-door version is launched at the Los Angeles Auto Show with prices ranging from £27,955 to £43,320.

2008: A new concept

The Land Rover LRX cross-coupe concept is unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

2012: Fourth generation

The fourth generation Range Rover is exhibited at the 2012 Paris Motor Show and then launched in London. Prices range from £71,295 to £98,395.

2017: Velar

A new Range Rover Velar is displayed in the Design Museum in London before its launch in March.

After going on sale, prices range from £44,830 to £85,450.

2018: Even more Evoque

Production of the first-generation Evoque ends after global sales of more than 750,000.

The second generation Evoque launched with prices ranging from £31,600 to £50,400.

2020: Half a century

The first Range Rover built under social-distancing measures comes off the assembly line at Solihull and 50 years of the Range Rover, with a special edition launched to commemorate.