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Abba: The Album is a career high curio'

It was also Abba's most successful studio album in the US.

Welcome aboard Abba Airways.

Abba: The Album




Abba albums usually fall into one of two categories; those that are the result of the group locking themselves away for months on end, polishing their latest collection of songs within a millimetre of their life and which then go on to sell by the skipload (Arrival, Super Trouper), and the brasher, of the moment, "concept" albums, which even the fans aren't that keen on (Voulez Vous - the disco album! - and The Album – their sometime folk-rock effort).

You can almost see the record executives toe-tapping their way through their first listening of this; Eagle - strong beat, atmospheric, single material; Take A Chance On Me - like the good old days; One Man, One Woman - reliable filler; The Name Of The Game - could be a hit, but don't quote me on that; Move On – trusty side one closer, nothing to worry about here; Hole In Your Soul – groovy; and then, finally; The Girl With The Golden Hair.

Which is, er, "interesting".