The engaging and informative New Pendolino video


These videos are informative and tell us something about the man who makes them as well as the world around us.

by Benjamin Daniels in Videomatic

If YouTube is a platform that champions (or perhaps, more accurately, allows the championing of) any kind of video, then it is for videos such as this.

Daryl's videos, covering his love of train travel, have been posted to his channel since 2019 and have evolved over that time. At the heart of the videos, from the start to the present, is a straightforward, informative and sincere approach to the subject material (from ticket prices to travel experiences - both good and bad - when spending time with the carrier in question) and the love Daryl has for what he is doing.

These videos are informative, and engaging and tell you something about the man who makes them, as well as the world around us. They are what the Internet, never mind YouTube, may have been invented for.

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