Bosch is a hit for all the right reasons


It's a show with a solid moral core, balanced with a realistic portrayal of politics, power and Los Angeles policing.

by Allen Therisa in TV Hit or Miss

Here comes trouble
Here comes trouble


Amazon Studios

2014 - 2021


Bold, butchy, sweaty crime series originating from the equally bold, butchy, sweary novels of the same name by Michael Connelly, and a drama that proved to be something of a hit for Amazon Video and lead actor Titus Welliver.


Seven visually striking, tightly written and punchily performed seasons follow Harry Bosch as he tackles serial killers, drug gangs, people traffickers, police corruption, love and loss (and lots of office politics) between 2014 and 2021. Looks like a very long (and violent) movie and has detailed character development that remains strong from start to finish.

Amazon delivers, etc.


Produced by Amazon Studios and Fabrik Entertainment, the show was developed by Eric Overmyer, taking initial inspiration from the Michael Connelly novels City of Bones, Echo Park and The Concrete Blonde. With Titus Welliver in the hard-nosed, grumpy lead role as Harry Bosch, the show quickly gained an audience, critical acclaim and award nominations.

None of which would have put a smile on Bosch's face.


In a hugely crowded television market, Bosch, with its "one man against the system" premise could have arrived on streaming screens as just another cop drama. What quickly moved it out of this particular cul-de-sac is Bosch's combination of tight, punchy writing, confident embrace of the long story arc potential offered by the streaming format, and strong characters which develop alongside leading character Harry Bosch.

It is also a show with a strong moral core (you will know the good guys from the bad) balanced with a realistic portrayal of politics and power, as well as being informed by the realities of contemporary (US West Coast) policing and the human impact of such policing.

Put all that together with slick, polished production values and Amazon have a critical and ratings hit on its hands.


Unexpected plot twists and sudden leading character exits, Mimi Rogers as character Honey Chandler, bleached-out LA in unremitting sunshine, Covid-19 sneaking in as a looming crisis in the final season, Harry Bosch's jazzy dream home, an enduring hope in the urban experience no matter the problems it throws up and lots and lots of swearing. 

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