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The Jab


As controversial as Brexit, the Covid-19 vaccination has become the focus of ethnic division and debate.

The end of the Berlin Wall and European division came as a shock to Western security elites. As did what happened next.

A parallelism seems to be developing between the Covid-19 crisis and one which struck the West 50 years ago.

Colossus: The Forbin Project is such an effective satire and here's why.

Purely by historical circumstance and in the face of internal opposition, John F. Kennedy saves the world.



Is it possible to divide time between then and now in the same way that countries can be divided and maps redrawn?

For many, the horrors of the Balkan civil wars came from their violence. But, what of the relationship of the key players to the power they suddenly acquired and what they did with it?



It quickly became the word of Brexit, but what does it mean? And how did Brexit become such an existential crisis?



For everyone, except for British voters. Or how Brexit showed everything had changed, even if the political elite did not quite notice it had done so at the time.