Bendix Deluxe Timeline

A mechanical miracle

1936: A brand is created

The Bendix Corporation licenses its name to Bendix Home Appliances for a 25% stake in the company.

1937: Automatic washing

Bendix Home Appliances is the first company to market a domestic automatic washing machine.

The Bendix Home Laundry would be recognised as a front-loading automatic washer by any modern user of such machines. It has a glass porthole door, a rotating drum and an electrically driven mechanical timer. The machine is also able to autofill, wash, rinse and spin-dry. Initially, the lack of any vibration damper means the machine has to be secured firmly to the floor. The machine also lacks an internal water heater.

Although sales are initially slow, the benefits of an automatic machine soon begin to spread amongst consumers. 

1938: Front-loader

The Bendix Automatic Home Washer, which is front-loading, is launched, accompanied by a brochure entitled How to use your Bendix Automatic Washer.

1941: World War II

A total of 330,000 Bendix Home Appliances automatic washing machines are sold in the US. Production then ceases during the war.

Sales resume five years later, in 1946.

1947: The Deluxe arrives

An improved front-loading automatic model (the Bendix Deluxe) is introduced to American consumers.

General Electric also introduce the first top-loading automatic machine this year.

1951: Corporate sale

In February the Bendix Deluxe is advertised in the English edition of Ideal Home magazine.

The Avco Manufacturing Corporation also purchases Bendix Home Appliances, South Bend, Indiana, combining Bendix Appliances with Crosley Bendix Home Appliances.

1954: Even more change

Australian newspapers display advertisements describing the Bendix Deluxe as a "miracle of modern times" and boast that it "takes the entire business of washing completely out of your hands".

1956: Another corporate sale

The Avco Manufacturing Corporation sells Bendix Home Appliances to Philco.