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It all started so simply, so brave and bold, and as something to love.

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When a relationship can be described as being more than friends but less than a couple.”


Berlin Wall: 

Who could have thought the Age of Division would begin like this? Probably not George H. W. Bush, Eric Honecker or Mikhail Gorbachev (or indeed, most observers).


Its historical reach will only be revealed (slightly inevitably) as the years and associated events pass, and once we can all finally stop talking (and bickering) about Brexit.


History repeating: Expect to see growing reports of direct action and stunts not dissimilar to those executed by Extinction Rebellion, but delivered by an increasingly angry, detached lockdown generation which sees itself as no longer having anything left to lose. 

Perhaps Marx was right after all and history is indeed about to repeat itself as a farce. 

Or possibly as something more sinister.

TV Hit or Miss






The original (and much smaller) Mini is considered to be an icon of the 60s and its space-saving front-wheel-drive layout has influenced a generation of car-makers.


Part of the appeal of Concorde, even to this day, is in its design and aesthetic, in the graceful sweep of the delta wing, in the perky nose and the long, thin passenger cabin.


A sassier and smarter diva re-emerges with an iconic album featuring a gay anthem (or two).

They came, they sang, they danced about a bit, and they made the nation very, very happy. What's not to like in Wham!'s purest of pop confections?



I'm Mandy Fly Me is quite a sweet song about a fairly ridiculous proposition.